Optical indication
Adjustment of
target cosø
90 sec's
lockout time
Adjustment switching time
No Noise from
Auto Battery
Near Sine
High Efficiency
International Design
Single P.C.B Technology

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Wide Input
High Efficiency
Computer Interface
Feather touch operation


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Built in Spike
Wide Input
Digital Display
Over Load Protection
Greater tha 98% Efficiency on Full Load
Over Load Protection
Over Temp. Protection

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Our sophisticated UPS systems have complete power protection for pc's, server's minis, lan, work station, telecommunication, medical equipment's and other electriciy - sensitive electronic equipment. We were the first to develop a solution for welding load to control the power factor both 2 phase and 3 phase welding.
As OEM we have been assembling complete PCB unit components of various type using state of the art facility includes vision controlled pick & place machine of Zuki, from Japan for high precison reflow oven, wave solding and host of facilities.
Further more RR, and AGIE UPS are backed by our superior team of after sales service plan. Under the supervision of experienced engineers, our service team will provide you the best technical support at Fareast Electronics we have a long history of working closely with our clients to meet their requirement and their price demands. We believe that we can satisfy your needs too.
About the promoter MR. RAGHURAMAN
Started as management trainee with M/S English Electric Company of India Ltd., Pallavaram works 1980, looking after relays and control panel related activities. Left the co., in the year 1983 and joined with Maraine Electronic Company Germany. Since 1985 ventured into business with electronic service centre. In 1989 started trading of power conditioning product and office automation equipment in the name of RR fax .in 1991, started manufacturing of UPS, CVT, Servo Stabilizers and Defaxer. Since 1992 involved in R & D of various power conditioning product like DC-DC, AC-DC Converters and Variable Frequency Inverters, UPS Single and Three Phases, Power Factor Controllers.
R & D work done so far::

We have developed universal input 90V to 230V AC and output 13.8V/15A for s&w Defibilator
3 phase primary controlled high current rectifier for Aqua Chemical & System(mfg) Ltd.,
3 phase motor controls for process control for m/s Majestic Enterprises (p) Ltd chennai.
Automotive solid state ignition system for stationary engines for M/S Southern Agro Engines
  Private Ltd.,
Single phase to 3 phases variable frequency drive for washing machines.

Our valued & Satisfied OEM customers

GE Power Controls Micro Logix
Alstom India Avon Data Cables
EID Parryware Lecs, CBE
Trojan Technologoes True Power Systems
Laxmi Electronics R.R.Automations
Hexaware Technology Ltd. Super Auto Forge Ltd
Lucas TVS Padi Chennai Sathyam Renaissance Consulting Ltd
Saint Gobain Glass India Ltd Wheels India Ltd
Delphi TVs Ltd Scheider Electric
Shri Ramachandrs Medical College & Hospital Chennai  

Few of our major customers for finished products

For more than 16 years RR and AGIE power conditioning products from Fareast Electronics has been involved in designing, manufacturing and export of electronic goods in india. Through the years, Fareast Electronics has gained excellent reputation from its quality product, and reliability.Our development in the UPS system has begun since 1992. We have gained ample experience in handling the power irregularity problems in different parts of india. Fareast Electronic develops wide range of excellent UPS and Power Systems to satisfy our customers individual needs.