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Greater than 98% Efficiency
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Auto Battery
Near Sine
High Efficiency
International Design
Single P.C.B Technology

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4 – quadrant measurement of reactive, and constant
  supervision of inductive / capacitive load.
Measurement and supervision of each step KVAR
  output during switching process.
Adjustment of target cosø, in the range 0.70 (lag)
  to 1-0.90 (lead)
Adjustable switching time
Manual switching may be detected
No-volt. Release with main interruption greater than
  35 ms.
90 sec's lockout time following mains failure and
  subsequent Power restoration
Optical indication of each individual stage.
Failure alarm if target cosf not achieved (after fulfillment
  of 75 switching cycles).
Failure alarm if relay detects there is a risk of overloading
  capacitors due to excessive harmonic current.

Fareastelectronics under the brand name of AGIE manufactures a range of reactive power controller of various types, which operate on the following measuring and controlling principle:

Reactive and active power panel, are calculated from voltage and current. The actual cosø is constantly compared at the target cosø and the difference between these two values serves as a basis to determine the compensating reactive power required. Capacitors in any size can be used in the automatic mode of operation. No pre-selected switch program is required, because the controller will always select the optimum switch sequence. When switching capacitors, the reactive KVAR output of each step is determined and stored. This enables permanent supervision of the reactive power Output of each individual capacitor step.

In this way the number of-switching operations is considerably reduced. Due to the permanent supervision .of capacitor stages, AGIE power factor relays do not require a fixed switching sequence when energizing capacitor steps for compensation. AGIE power factor control relays are pre-set at the Factory for immediate service following installation. However, the customer can also, select his own switching parameters such as switching time per step.

Wide Input
High Efficiency
Computer Interface
Feather touch operation


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