Optical indication
Adjustment of
target cosø
90 sec's
lockout time
Adjustment switching time
No Noise from
Auto Battery
Near Sine
High Efficiency
International Design
Single P.C.B Technology

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High and Low voltage input cut off.
Over load and over temp. protection.
Wide input voltage operation
Built in spike suppressor
Efficiency greater than 98% on full load (approx.)
Multifunction digital display.
Built in Surge Protection
Built in ELCB Protection(optional)
Wide Input
High Efficiency
Computer Interface
Feather touch operation


Single Phase Air Cooled
Three Phase
Air / Oil Cooled
Capacity 1 to 20 KVA 3 to 500 KVA

Input Voltage

170 V - 285 V (Normal)
140V - 285 V (Extended)
340V - 465V (Normal)
295V - 485V (Extended)
Nominal Output 220V/230V/240V 380V/400V/415V (Optional)
Output Voltage Stability 220V - 240V 415 V AC ± 1 %
Efficiency About 98% About 98%
Servo Drive Synchronous AC Motor Synchronous AC Motor
Motor Drive Through Traic, Fired with opto - Traic Driver Through Traic, Fired with opto - Traic Driver
Correction Rate More than 100V Sec upto 15 KVA and 35V / See above 15 KVA More than 100V/ Sec upto 45 KVA and 70V /Sec above 45 KVA
Output Regulation ±1% ±1%
Digital Voltameter Input & Output with selector switch Digital Voltameter & Ammeter for Input & Output with selector switch
Input Frequency 47 Hz - 53 Hz 47 Hz - 53 Hz
Insulation Class" B " Class" B "
Output Waveform Distortion
Nil Nil
Effect of Load Power Factor Nil Nil
Ambient Temperature 0°- 45°c 0°- 45°c
Motor Protection Through Fuse Through Fuse
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